Integrated with the hardware development teams, leading to fasterdesign cycles and better stability.

OS Options

Software support starts with the operating system. We support multiple operating systems on our hardware to meet the needs of your developers. Our clients utilize various versions of Android, Linux, or Windows for their systems.

Peripheral Integration

Customized driver development is available to integrate specified peripherals needed in your system. Our support teams can work with your suppliers to integrate device drivers needed in your products.

Hardware API

Additional APIs can be added to the software stack to simplify software development. Specialized commands to control onboard GPIO, I2C, PWM, and others, remove complexity and reduce development costs.

Fail-Safe Mechanisms

Utilize fail-safe mechanisms from Promate Solutions to improve the stability of your system. Our controls for watchdogs, data backup, remote update, and update safeguards enhance stability and reduce maintenance costs in the field.