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Corporate Governance Officer

The Company has passed a resolution on 2020/05/11 board meeting and has appointed competent and appropriate corporate governance personnel. The Company has established full-time financial officer, Huang, Je-Wen as responsible for corporate governance related matters. Huang has accumulated over three years of financial manager expertise and experience.
The company has established a Chief Corporate Governance Officer who meets the eligibility requirements before the release of “Taipei Exchange Directions for Compliance Requirements for the Appointment and Exercise of Powers of the Boards of Directors of TPEx Listed Companies”and completed 18 hours of training hours in 2020.

Continuing education taken by the Director of Corporate Governance in 2020 is as follows:

Corporate Governance Officer: Huang Che-Wen
Continuing Education Date Organizer Class Title Continuing Education Hours
2020.07.28 Securities and Futures Institute Practical Workshop for Directors and Supervisors (including Independent Directors) and Corporate Governance Officers 12
2020.09.16 Securities and Futures Institute Analysis of the practical operations and the latest letter of explanation after the implementation of the Company Act 3
2020.09.16 Securities and Futures Institute Regulations and Operating Practices of Audit Committee 3

Preventing insider trading education promotion

The Company hosts educational awareness training pertaining to "Prevention of Insider Trading" and relevant regulations at least once a year. Newly appointed directors and managers will be scheduled for these courses respectively. The Company's current directors and management has undertaken the aforementioned education training on July 22th, 2021. The course includes non-disclosure related issues regarding material information, the definition of insider trading, and case studies.